The Miniaturist Review – Returning Books To My College Professor Part 2

I graduated from college and moved into a new house with my boyfriend this week.

So, naturally, I’ve got a few loose ends to tie up. A few weeks ago, as I was cleaning my room for the move, I mentioned in my blog that I’d found some of my professor’s books that she let me borrow a few years ago. She thought they’d be good models for me to look at while I was working on one of my stories that year. I got busy and, long story short, didn’t read them. I’m moving away from campus to start my life with my English degree. I’m reading them and giving them back to her before I leave. The second novel in the stack of books is The Miniaturist, by Jessie Burton. This is my The Miniaturist review.

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Sweetness #9 Review – Returning Books To My College Professor

I’m normally pretty good at returning books.

I mean, I guess. I don’t borrow a lot of books. While cleaning up my room for my upcoming move off campus, I found some books that weren’t mine. They belong to one of my former professors. One of them is Sweetness #9, by Stephan Eirik Clark. I’m on a quest to finish reading it and other books so I can return them to my professor, who was kind enough to let me borrow it over 2 years ago. This is my Sweetness #9 Review.

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