I’m Starting A YouTube Channel From Scratch: What I Know About YouTube So Far

I’m Building A YouTube Channel.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been uploading YouTube videos. I don’t have a lot of subscribers or views, but I’m having fun creating videos. It feels kinda like it felt when I started getting really into creative writing. Even though I created the channel last year, it feels like I’m basically building a YouTube channel from scratch. I record my videos in-between my summer teaching job and my bike courier job. My teaching job will end in a few weeks. When my teaching commitment at the nonprofit is over, I’ll have more time to figure out this online video thing. Continue reading “I’m Starting A YouTube Channel From Scratch: What I Know About YouTube So Far”

Week 1 On YouTube: Short Clips Are Best

Last week, I made a video about how I wanted to get better at making Youtube videos.

I have high, high hopes that I can utilize YouTube along with my personal blog. High. I haven’t made any promises on the frequency of these videos, or any promises on the type of content of these videos on my personal channel. I mentioned that I’d like to grow my skills in video/film/YouTube for some projects over at the literary magazine eventually.

This week, I experimented with different types of videos.

Continue reading “Week 1 On YouTube: Short Clips Are Best”