I’m A Slow Novel Reader

I’ve been reading more. Well, I’ve been trying to make myself read more. I feel like I read a lot, but most things I read take the form of submissions and manuscripts and advance reader copies of things that I can’t really talk about here.

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The Other Eric Howard

I’m Eric “Shay” Howard, author of the forthcoming fiction collection Crushes.

I went with my full name for my writing because Eric Howard is a common name and I figured there’d be another Eric Howard out there, probably in some other industry, growing potatoes, plowing snow, brewing beer, or what have you. I googled Eric Howard for a while and couldn’t find anything, but I still went with Eric “Shay” Howard because my middle name gives my name that little kick it needs to be memorable. Well, that and it’s my website domain and my social media handles.

In the process of getting Crushes ready, I’ve finally discovered another Eric Howard, one who writes books.

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My First Novel About Ninjas

Last year sometime, just before I graduated college, I started writing a novel. A novel about ninjas. I focused more on character. The ninja part was just sort of a way to keep me writing when I got stuck; I don’t really know a lot about ninjas. Well, the thing is, I sort of finished it. Well, a version of it. I put it away for a while, then when it came time to edit, I sort of lost interest in the characters and its world. Basically, it sucked.
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There’s A White Speck In My Hair

I’d just gotten a haircut. It’d been a while. I was a single creative writer with very little revenue sources. Sometimes my hair got a little crazy.

I went out with a friend. We ate at Joella’s Hot Chicken. He likes to play with my phone’s camera because mine is better than his. I asked him to take a picture and I pretended it was for an author bio.

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