11 Things I’m Doing This Week While Looking For A Boyfriend

This week I’m stepping it up a notch in the dating department. I’m on week three of my last haircut, which makes my hair in that optimal state where it’s long enough to be ga-ga-ga-gorgeous and short enough for me to be cute. Depending on my book sales, I may not be able to get a haircut for a while. This is my optimal boyfriend-getting time. Of course, I’m also busy with my blog and my writing. I need a list.

This week I am:

  • telling cute guys I’m an author and hinting for coffee dates on Grindr and Scruff.
  • writing a new very short story to post on my blog on Friday.
  • reading literary journals.
  • writing new short stories to submit to literary journals.
  • refreshing my Amazon KDP reports every five minutes to check the sales of Crushes.
  • reading Maude by Donna Mabry.
  • making my own coffee after the cute guys don’t take the hints.
  • stressing about an interview I have on Tuesday for a job as an instructional assistant.
  • coming up with Patreon ideas to make more money with my writing.
  • writing a blog post that I can turn into a regular weekly post about the things I’m doing.
  • still reading The Goldfinch.

I’ll be referring to this list all week. Yes, I’m serious. I’ve gotta get stuff done. I have goals. I have a life to build. There are things I want, things I need, things I have to do. I can be productive. I can do stuff.

What are you doing this week? Comment below and tell me all about it.

Also, the books I mentioned reading are below.

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