I’m A Slow Novel Reader

I’ve been reading more. Well, I’ve been trying to make myself read more. I feel like I read a lot, but most things I read take the form of submissions and manuscripts and advance reader copies of things that I can’t really talk about here.

My reading habits are kind of weird. I don’t really read one book at a time. I read lots of books at a time because I get really distracted too easy and lose interest when novels linger. I write a lot of short fiction for a reason. Anyway, sometimes it takes me a while to get through one book. Cue the affiliate links.

The following links are affiliate links to the books I’m reading on Amazon. That means if you click these links, I get money if you buy the book. I also get compensated if you buy anything else on Amazon within 24 hours after clicking the link. There are no additional costs to you.

Exhibit A, I’ve been reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt for about 3 years.

Look, I figure if it took Donna Tartt ten years to write this thing, I can take some time to read it, too. The Goldfinch is kind of long and I have other books to read, like Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry.

I had an English teacher that insisted Lonesome Dove was one of two books you were supposed to read in order to be properly educated in English and literature. I don’t know if that’s true, but I’ve been reading this one since my last semester of college as a personal goal.

The other book you’re supposed to read is Beloved by Toni Morrison, which I’ve read and reviewed on my blog here. Beloved got assigned so many times in my college English classes, but Lonesome Dove never got assigned. I’ve read Beloved many times, and I’m sure I’ll read it many times again.

I’ve also recently discovered the novelist Fredrik Backman and his book A Man Called Ove.

I think there’s also a movie starring Tom Hanks coming. I’d like to say I’ll finish A Man Called Ove before the film comes out, but hey, no promises. I’m busy. It’s interesting so far, but this is not a book review.  An old man complaining about cats. It speaks to me because it’s probably my future.

I’m also reading plenty of other things, but these are the books that I enjoy all of what I’ve read so far in. I’m not evening going to kid myself with an expected to-be-read-by date.

I’m sure I’ll put some of these back down soon and pick up more books because I have the attention span of a hummingbird. In addition to reading and working on my new fiction collection that comes out the 23rd, I’m also working more than ever on some short stories for some lit mags and for this blog.

If you want to support me, you can do a couple of things. First, you can pre-order my debut fiction collection, Crushes.

Again, the following link is an affiliate link. I get money if you click the link and buy the book. I also get money if you purchase anything else on Amazon within 24-hours.

Crushes will be available on Amazon Kindle and released on November  23rd.

If you like my blog, my stories, or my book, you can also buy me a coffee.

Also, what are you reading? From the big publishing houses, from indie publishers, from small presses, whatever.

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7 thoughts on “I’m A Slow Novel Reader

  1. “I had an English teacher that insisted Lonesome Dove was one of two books you were supposed to read in order to be properly educated in English literature.” Really? I love Lonesome Dove and McMurtry is one of my favorite American writers, but English literature? Maybe I’m splitting hairs. I think of all McMurtry’s books I like Leaving Cheyenne best.


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