The Other Eric Howard

I’m Eric “Shay” Howard, author of the forthcoming fiction collection Crushes.

I went with my full name for my writing because Eric Howard is a common name and I figured there’d be another Eric Howard out there, probably in some other industry, growing potatoes, plowing snow, brewing beer, or what have you. I googled Eric Howard for a while and couldn’t find anything, but I still went with Eric “Shay” Howard because my middle name gives my name that little kick it needs to be memorable. Well, that and it’s my website domain and my social media handles.

In the process of getting Crushes ready, I’ve finally discovered another Eric Howard, one who writes books.

At first, I was concerned. I mean, what if I don’t stand out? What if people get us confused? What if, I dunno, somehow something awful happens because of this?

I calmed down. I googled my name more. Eric Howard is a really common name. There are even other Eric Shay Howard’s, probably. I thought about a pseudonym, but there’s no way I’d be able to commit to a single pseudonym. I over think things enough already, I don’t need to overthink something like my damn name on a book. I’m me and I write things and Crushes is my book. People are smart. Clearly, Eric “Shay” Howard is different from Eric Howard. My website makes it super clear that I only have one book right now. So does my Amazon author profile, and so does my Goodreads author profile. It’ll be fine.

I told all of this to my friend. He agreed. My friend has a masters degree in music composition. My friend also has a common name. He googled his name and discovered that there’s another him that composes music for a very popular Netflix show.

“We should become friends,” my friend said.

“I’ll email my Eric Howard if you email yours,” I said.

He agreed. Now I have to figure out how to email Eric Howard. Authors usually have some form of a contact method in their book – a fan email account, a website link, or some other clue. I can’t find his poetry collection at the local library. I’d buy it, but I’m kind of poor right now. I edit a literary press and decided to make writing and editing my full-time job. I pretty much just barely paid rent last month. Buying his book right now would be irresponsible.

So, I figure if I make enough money from my fiction collection, Crushes, (by Eric “Shay” Howard) when it comes out November 23rd, I’ll use some of that money to buy Eric Howard’s book, Taliban Beach Party. I like to support fellow authors anyways. I figure the book will at least have some way for fans/readers to send Eric Howard a message of some sort.

So, the best way for me to make enough money to do this would be for you to pre-order Crushes. I’ll put a link for it below.

This link is an affiliate link. I’m compensated by Amazon for any purchases made after using these links at no additional cost to you.

I’ll also put an affiliate link for Eric Howard’s Taliban Beach Party. I like supporting other authors. Normally I’d put the link to buy it directly from the press, but Third Point Press doesn’t sell them on their website. They also don’t have any contact information for him. I haven’t read Taliban Beach Party yet. I don’t know much about it other than it’s poetry.

Of course, if anyone knows Eric Howard, send him my way. If you have ideas, comment. I really don’t have any goals other than to email Eric Howard because I made a deal with my musical friend. I don’t know if this will work. I’m not really very good at contacting other authors. I don’t know if there’s a secret special place where authors go to magically find and meet all the other authors or not because Crushes is my first book.

So anyway, internet, help me find Eric Howard so I can email him because I said I would. Yes, seriously.

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