The Self-Publishing Contemplation

It’s been over a year since I graduated college. I’m still also very single and very self-employed now that my Americorps service is over, but more in like the I-haven’t-found-a-job-I-don’t-mind-doing-yet way, other than editing the lit mag.

I switched to an Android phone. My roommate got a dog. I got a lot better at riding my bicycle in traffic. I got attacked crossing the street last month. He bent my glasses. My contact prescription expired. I started using clear mugs for my coffee. I still haven’t filled my newest soft covered Moleskine half way with words. I forgot to get a tan before it got cold here. I finally got a haircut.

Things have been taken up a notch at the small press I edit. It’s inspired me to buckle down on some things, like write more, submit more, and really focus on the press.

I’ve been looking back on a lot of my older stories, too. I have a bunch of stories that’ve received higher tiered or personal rejections from some lit mags and small presses that I respect over the years. For the last six months or so, I’ve been thinking about putting some of these older stories that are getting good feedback but harder to place, as well as some of my stories on my blog, in a self-published collection.

Should I self-publish my short stories? I made a Twitter poll, because I’m horrible at making decisions.

I might do it. I might not. I’m still waiting on someone to talk me out of it. I’ve been submitting some stories for over three years. I think there comes a point where it’s more beneficial to move on and prioritize writing new things.

More news about life and stuff later, if something interesting happens.

I’ve been spending most of my time editing Likely Red Press these days. You can also follow me on Twitter and like my page on Facebook.


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