Last Week On YouTube: Red Light Biking

This weekend’s vlog was about annoying red traffic lights.

They were really getting to me during my bike courier gig. Also, cat rejections and t-shirt confusion.

I’m finding that making YouTube videos take a long time.

Even making beginner videos takes a long time. For the next few weeks I’m still committed to a summer teaching position, which limits my bike courier work hours as well as my YouTube filming hours. I struggled to think of a video idea that I could work on with my limited time at the beginning of the week and it didn’t dawn on me that I was upset about the red lights for a few days.

I guess what I learned this week is that I can always find a theme or a topic for a video, even if my week is crap.

Earlier this week, I also posted a video called “Short Little Clips Are Best”. It’s the first video where I explored the short clip style vlog. I really liked it and I continued it this week.

It goes without saying that I’m still learning this YouTube thing.

While I’m still a bit uneasy about committing to specific schedules, I think around two videos a week is a good starting point.

This week on YouTube, I plan to continue with my short clip styled vlogs and continue figuring out ways to sneak in some time to shoot more video. I’m also still behind on the literary magazine and small press. It’s just a few more weeks.

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