Week 1 On YouTube: Short Clips Are Best

Last week, I made a video about how I wanted to get better at making Youtube videos.

I have high, high hopes that I can utilize YouTube along with my personal blog. High. I haven’t made any promises on the frequency of these videos, or any promises on the type of content of these videos on my personal channel. I mentioned that I’d like to grow my skills in video/film/YouTube for some projects over at the literary magazine eventually.

This week, I experimented with different types of videos.

Some of the videos I started to edit this week never got finished because I discovered before I even uploaded them that they were the wrong way to go.

The first video that I completed and uploaded on Friday was a short vlog about my week and about setting up my new apartment for recording these videos. I also practiced syncing the music track to what was happening on screen. Not perfection, but I still like how it turned out.

However, I realized after uploading the vlog that I didn’t really like watching myself talk to the camera a lot. Also, I’m not internet famous so no one cares to listen to me ramble about my week. I decided that my next video should be of shorter, more compact clips that express my personality and creativity in that moment. I shot that video yesterday and uploaded it before I went to bed.

So far, I like using short little clips the best.

I like the short clip style because it’s not too much to handle for myself or for the people who find me. It has the potential for a a diverse set of content since I’m still figuring out a niche for my personal channel. It also makes it easier for me to work in a theme for the video, even if it’s just the weather.

I think for my next one, I’ll keep to the short clip style. I mean hey, it’s one less thing to have to figure out this week. This week I need to figure out thumbnails, and I want to make a video that’s a little longer as a whole. Two minutes isn’t long enough.

I feel like I’m making progress, just slowly.

3 Replies to “Week 1 On YouTube: Short Clips Are Best”

  1. Loved these!!! You did great! Okay… you should do one on counting down off your teaching gig!

    I know that sucks. 😉

    Hugs! Congrats on these. Short clips are fun to watch. You were awesome! Look forward to more! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

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