I Want To Get Better At Youtube

I made a Youtube video.

Since I haven’t had a lot of time for writing lately, I was thinking I’d start to use my YouTube channel a bit more. Time has gotten away from me due to some projects I’ve taken on and because of some work I’ve been doing.

I’ll slowly integrate creating video into my daily routine so that, at the very least, I can have a new video to share every once in a while for when I’m too busy to write fiction for you or when I can’t blog about the work I’m doing.

I hate being so busy.

After I graduated with my BA last year, I’ve been on a kick where I try not to be so busy that I can’t stand being an adult. Yet, somehow I’ve managed to stay as busy as ever.

I’ve been doing some work at a local nonprofit in a student-empowerment program for the spring. I’m about to start leading a summer group. I’ve also been working hard at the literary magazine and small press whenever I find the time around the nonprofit.

I’ve been thinking about how to include YouTube and video-making into my blog for a long time.

I’ve been tinkering with some ideas on what kinds of videos would be best for my blog and how best to go about film along with my writing for a bit now, since I’m doing some interesting things like the literary magazine and getting out and about a bit more. I’d like to eventually start using video along with the small press and lit mag, when I get a little better at YouTube and film/video in general.

Creative things coming soon, promise.

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