Louisville Flooded

I started a teaching job. Well, an assistant and soon-to-be-teaching kindergartners job. It’s hard. I have to wear a pin with an A on it. They call me Mr. Eric. They ask me why I walk in the rain. I say it’s because I like walking.

I no longer work at the dry cleaning place. Hours were getting cut and I’m too busy anyways. I wrote a short story about the dry cleaning place. No writing time is wasted. I’m still writing the short story about the horses and the cowboys. Pretty sure at least one of them is gay. The cowboys, not the horses. Maybe I’ll get it before the story is done. I don’t know when I’ll get it done.

The literary journal that I edit opened up for a bunch of free submissions last month and we’re opening back up to free submissions in Prose and Poetry again in March. We no longer accept emailed submissions. We haven’t since September. We can’t seem to make this clear.

It’s raining.

I’m single again. We broke up before the rain. We shared a bedroom, so I moved into my office. I’m still trying to decide on a futon. My black desk chair with the plastic base and useless wheels leaves too much to be desired between sips of coffee and reading submissions. I want thin gray cushions and long straight metal legs. Our lease is up in May. I don’t know if I want to get a futon now just to move it again in a few months. I can’t decide if that would be time wasted.

Louisville flooded.

My iPhone doesn’t hold a charge anymore.

I started bullet-journaling again.

The water is really high.

I’m going to go buy a 12 ounce coffee in the rain, because I like walking in the rain.


Eric Shay Howard is a writer who lives in Louisville, KY. He edits Likely Red Magazine. He is on Twitter @ericshayhoward. You can also like him on Facebook, or contact him via his Contact page.[wp_ad_camp_1]


10 thoughts on “Louisville Flooded

  1. So… stop emailing you over and over?… Could have said hey stop… rather than call me out in a post… Also one of the horses needs to be gay… that is an amazing plot twist… walking in the rain can be nice… but don’t get sick…

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    1. Just realized that no one has been emailing the litmag over and over. So, I’m officially not good at sarcasm. Unless you have been submitting a lot and we haven’t been getting your emails. Hmmm…

      Liked by 1 person

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